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Hello! Thank you for stopping by my site. Since you’re here, I thought I’d take a minute to tell you a bit more about myself and how I got to where I am today.


I am originally from Alameda, California. My parents and #1 fans are Dale (a Vietnam vet) and Julie. I have a brother, Dale and sister-in-law Andrea. I am also the proud Aunt of a niece and nephew I love more than I can express!! I was blessed to not only be raised by my parents but by my grandparents as well; whose guidance and beliefs have shaped much of whom I am today.


I think I was maybe five when I first saw the movie version of Oklahoma! and said, “Mommy, I want to be her”! From that day on all I wanted to do was sing, act, and move to New York City. I remember my Dad and brother would go back packing and such and I would stay home with my Mom watching movie musicals and eating chocolate.


Not wanting to become “stage-parents” my parents encouraged me to be a kid now and act later. I was in choir, but I also followed my brother into whatever sport he did. This included soccer, volleyball, horseback riding, and many more. Eventually I went on my own and became…..a cheerleader!!

That’s right for seven years I was a cheerleader, ranking 9th in the nation as an individual. When I first started cheering they would play the Whitney Houston version of the National Anthem before every game and I would daydream it was me. I was about eleven years old, I wanted to be Whitney Houston and marry Michael Jackson; I had big dreams.


High school was a very busy time. I was in choir, drama, swim team, cheerleading, dance team, and leadership. Senior year, I was selected to dance in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I went to New York City for a week and vowed to move back in two years.


After high school, I went to Diablo Valley College where I received an A.A. degree with honors. It was there that I met two of the greatest people I’m sure I ever will. My cheerleading coach Glenda Coccimiglio, and my acting teacher Jim Kirkwood. They were mentors and inspirations who taught me more about myself and my craft than I could’ve imagined. After freshman year I did my first full length musical which was, of course, “Oklahoma!”. I became involved with many of the Bay Area theatres and started building my resume.


My Junior year, I transferred to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. Since graduating from there, I have worked in regional theatres across the country, Off-Off Broadway, cabarets, film, television, and commercials. I even sang in a cover band and recorded a Pop/R&B single with Sir Santiago.


Outside of my career and family, I have many loves. I attend CKE Church and love having a family there. I have spent a great deal of my time the past few years in ministry. I was honored to run a Women’s Ministry, an Arts Ministry, lead Worship for several Ministries around NYC and much more. I love to love on people and pull greatness out of them. I love Central park and swinging on the swings. When out of the city I love to hike; and be outdoors as much as possible. I still love sports (boxing is my favorite). I also love to read. I have always loved Marilyn Monroe and I share her desire to always learn.


So that’s me in a nut shell, I hope you’ve enjoyed my story.


Jeremiah29:11 states, “For I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord. "I will bless you with a future filled with hope-a future of success, not of suffering.”I love God and can’t wait to see what He has planned for me next!





Jennylind Parris EMC
Height: 5’3, Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Range : Belt to F/ Soprano 1 to high D


Off-Off Broadway




An Unnatural Woman

Edith Wharton

T.S.I. Playtime Series

Rage Inc.


T.S.I. Playtime Series

Where’s Charley? (OOBR Award)


St. Jean’s Players


Yes Girl

The Producers Club



American Theatre of Actor’s

There’s a Marquee…


American Theatre of Actor’s


National Tour



Theater - Director


Sister Moose

Mainstage Artists- Jim Semmelmen


Regional and New York Theatre



Theater - Director

All Shook Up


Sierra Repertory Theater - Scott Viets

Stand By your Man

Young Tammy (Tammy u.s.)

La Comedia-Eric Johnson

Midlife! The Crisis Musical

Woman 2

Sierra Repertory Theatre - Scott Viets

The Full Monty

Susan (Estelle cover)

Broadway Palm West - Seth Reines

The Full Monty

Susan (Estelle cover)

Dutch Apple Theatre - Seth Reines



Dutch Apple Theatre - Gary John LaRosa

42nd Street (Anne Neiman)

Phyllis Dale

The Fireside Theatre - Ed Flesch

Swingtime Canteen

Marian Ames

The Theater Barn - Penny Ayn Maas


Sister Amnesia

Seaside Theater Co.- Matthew Ryan

I Love You....Change

Woman 1

Seaside Theater Co.- Matthew Ryan

A Day of Rememberance


The Producers Club

A Little Christmas Night Music


Galveston Island Outdoor Musicals



Harmony Players

South Pacific

Nellie U.S.

Alameda Civic Light Opera

South Pacific

Dinah (Nellie U.S.)

Sierra Repertory Theatre-Scott Viets

Peter Pan

Dance cap/Tiger Lily u.s

Alameda C. L. O.


Featured Dancer

Alameda C. L. O.



The Little Theatre

West Side Story


Alameda C.L.O


Film & Television



Released by

“Eye Was Blind” (NYIIFF Award)


1st X Every X Production’s

“Manchurian Candidate”

Background Actor

Paramount Pictures

“Law and Order”

Background Actor

Universal Production’s



Gadfly Production’s

"White Collar"

Strike Force Wife

Fox Television Studios

"Law and Order SVU"


Universal Pictures










Toyota of Stamford



Educational Theatre




5 Women Wearing the Same Dress


Randolf Pearson, Dir.

A Hat Full Of Rain


Jim Kirkwood , Dir.






Scattered Songs…



One Night Stand Without The Guilt


Don’t Tell Mama’s



Acting: David Martin, Mark Riherd, Lisa Jacobson, Randolf Pearson, Jim Kirkwood, Michael Perilstein
Loree Capper, Donna Reid, Phil Hall
Musical Theatre:
Bob Cline, Darren Cohen, Jeffrey Dunn, Marcia M. Dodge, Elaine Petricoff, Claudia Asbury, David Andrews Rodgers, Sara Lazarus
Voice & Speech
: Camille Wiedorn, Marc Enright,
Marc Santoro, Vera Huff
Marc Santoro, Lindsay Chambers, Ramon Galindo, Billy Johnstone
Leigh Webster, Ramon Galindo
Theatre Dance:
Harry Woolever, Lindsay Chambers, Casey Colgan
Arista Baltronis, Sam DeFazio

Special Skills
Talk with MOUTH Closed, Sing Pop/R&B and Country, Cheerleading, Read Music, Sing in Italian, Great with Kids, Basic Piano, Horseback Riding, Ice/Roller Skate, Waltz, Polka, Belly, Licensed driver, Various Sports, Crochet, Cross-Stitch.



Union Democrat "All Shook Up" review-
"Jennylind Parris is hilarious as the outrageous and obnoxious Matilda Hyde"

Calavaris Enterprise "Midlife!" review-
Jennylind Parris seemed undaunted by “biological clock” a difficult number that requires a broad vocal range.  She’s also good at spouting some riffle-quick lines…the women are funny and their wonderful voices blend nicely.


Union Democrat "Midlife!" review-
Jennylind Parris is a hoot as a wife-turned-stripper-turned-divorcee, and she is totally zany as a woman determined to find a man to father a child as her biological clock speeds towards infertility.


Sunday News Correspondent "Beehive" review-
Among the other standouts in the whirling Aqua Net Haze is Jen nylind Parris singing, “Society’s Child” a dirge of forbidden interracial romance.

Intelligencer Journal
"Beehive" review-
The best numbers here are “Downtown” and “Don’t Sleep In The Subway” with Jennylind Parris doing a pretty good Petula Clark…One surprisingly excellent number in this act is “Society’s Child” sung by Parris.


Chatham Currier "Swingtime Canteen" review-
As Marian, Parris is far and away the best thing on the stage. She understands the show, the role, and the humor, and as a result delivers some of Busch’s funniest lines to great effect.


Penny Ayn Maas "Swingtime Canteen" director-
I had the great pleasure of directing Ms Jennylind Parris. As the lead in this production, Jennylind played portrayed a Hollywood movie-star with grace, ease, and style. She is a gifted actress and singer and showed genuine heartfelt emotion throughout the show.

Peter Bergen "Swingtime Canteen" review-
Marian’s second act solo, “You’ll Never Know” is a moving rendition  by Jennylind Parris whose light and lovely voice is distinctly womanly. 


Tom Nondorf director of "Where’s Charley?"-
Besides giving a marvelous performance in a challenging role, she showed up prepared, gave her all to the production, and exhibited the type of continuously giving spirit that brought our entire cast closer together. I believe through her combination of performance and personality she does make the world a better place.

OOBR.com "Where’s Charley?" review-
Jennylind Parris’s Amy was suitably befuddled by the antics of her Charley and quite winning as well.